Kernel provides premier IT Security Services to clients around the globe

Why make security difficult? We don’t.

  • Security Audit Services

    Security Audit Services

    Did you know you, the data holder, is typically on the proverbial ‘hook’ for data loss? Determining whether your network is secure or compliant can be a difficult task. Let us handle the tedious task for your company and help you mitigate data loss.


    Penetration Testing

    Ever wonder if an outside hacker can breach your security? Curious how your Disaster Recovery team will respond to an attack? How about what information your employees willing give out to strangers? We have a wide range of options to help button up those security holes. Call us!


    Physical Security

    We know physical security is a pretty important piece to your company’s way of life.  There’s a reason you lock your office doors at night, hire a security firm to patrol the area from time-to-time, and more! We can design and implement custom security solutions for you company!

  • Web & Application Development

    Web & App Development

    A reputable company presence on the Internet can make or break your business.  Let’s face it, if you have a website that doesn’t look that great, people will leave it pretty quickly in favor of something more appealing, even if the competitor is inferior.


    Network Security

    The world is full of evildoers who do nothing but devise new schemes to get ahold of your valuable data.  Call on us to assist in identifying and mitigating your organization’s vulnerabilities; after all, your network is the lifeline in your business!

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